Russian providers have learned to circumvent laws on the storage of user data

Vedomosti found out that Internet operators in the regions of Russia have learned to circumvent the requirements of the law "On

communications” and “Yarovaya law”. The trick is to register consumer Internet cooperatives (PIC). Discuss

Such cooperatives are not required to obtain a license,install systems of operational search activities (SORM) and store traffic of subscribers, but at the same time provide Internet access services. Their business model is based on buying traffic from large telecom operators.

It is reported that only for 2020–2021 there wereat least four PIKs were registered: Mercury (registered in Anapa), Expertcom (Belgorod), Internet Buyer (Moscow), Kootv (St. Petersburg). In fact, PIKs perform the function of an operator.

Recall that according to the Yarovaya law, telecom operators must store correspondence, phone calls and outgoing traffic of all Russian users, and also provide this data at the request of special services.