Russian S-500 was called the complex that made American nuclear weapons obsolete

The Chinese publication Sina said that the Russian S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft missile system made

a significant portion of American nuclear weapons are obsolete.

The translation of the material was published by "Inosmi". The Chinese authors noted that Russia's leadership in the development of air defense (air defense) systems is "obvious to everyone."

Sina praised even the older S-400, callingits most effective air defense system. She is reportedly capable of destroying targets at various altitudes. And the new S-500 has even more advantages. For example, it can intercept high-speed targets at altitudes inaccessible to American systems.

The Chinese wrote that American ballisticLGM-30G Minuteman-3 missiles will not be able to overcome the S-500. The system is capable of destroying even satellites in earth orbit. Overall, Russia is gaining a colossal military advantage.