Russian schoolchildren will be taught to operate drones on a specially created model "Eaglet"

Right now in Russia, a completely new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is being developed, made according to the Orlyonok aircraft type.

It is reported that the main purpose of creating a deviceis the training and development of UAV control skills by schoolchildren. The device is already involved in the program of the championship "Young Professionals" as a base machine.

This is already to some extent the "standard" forpilots. We proposed using our development in the educational program of the Russian Federation, so that schoolchildren could practice drone control skills on the Orlyonok.

Valery LimarenkoGovernor of the Sakhalin Region

It should be noted that in the near future in the IT park onSakhalin plans to create a center for unmanned technologies. Among other things, he will deal with the tasks of operational monitoring in the interests of the executive authorities of the region, as well as promote the development of UAVs.