Russian schoolgirl has created a gadget that allows the visually impaired to know the distance to the obstacles

Pupil of the ninth grade of school number 139 in Kazan Elina Pavlovich presented a wearable gadget that can

work together with any smartphone basedAndroid It contains a controller and an ultrasonic range finder - they are used to scan the surrounding space, this is transferred to the application via the USB interface.

The application translates the received information intovibroacoustic signal, the visually impaired feels it and understands that there is an obstacle somewhere. In the future, developers are going to create a model for connecting geolocation.

A person can independently scansurrounding space on the subject of pits, insurmountable plots. Plus, you can connect services similar to Yandex.Maps and specify obstacles along routes.

Physicist from KFU Pavel Korchagin

Cost of a single device without a smartphonemakes 500 rubles. Elina Pavlovich developed it for participation in the All-Russian Scientific Conference of Students named after NI Lobachevsky, it is still unknown if she intends to develop this project further.