Russian stores will oblige to take empty plastic and glass bottles

Initially, party representatives proposed introducing mandatory collection of used bottles

"A Just Russia". According to them, retailers can pay residents 5–7 rubles per bottle.

According to the deputy head of the Fair Russia faction in the State Duma Oleg Nilov, the one who sells plastic and glass bottles should be engaged in their collection.

If the document is adopted, pilot bottle collection projects may be launched in the Russian regions by the end of 2019.


In many European countries in stores arevending machines accepting empty bottles for money. The cost of products has already included the price of their processing, so people who donate them, in fact, simply return this money to themselves.

In April, the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee onVasily Vlasov proposed natural resources, property and land relations to introduce a total ban on the use and sale of plastic bags in Russia in 2025.

Previously, the European Parliament approved a bill banning the use of disposable plastic items, including utensils and straws, in EU countries from January 1, 2021.