Russian woman dropped her iPhone into the Griboyedov Canal in St. Petersburg and dived after it

Russian woman in St. Petersburg dropped her iPhone into the Griboyedov channel, the temperature of which is now estimated

at about + 3-5 ° C. Not resigned to the loss of the gadget, the girl threw herself into the cold water.

The girl in the Griboyedov channel was noticedcaring inhabitants, and began to persuade her to get out of the water, worried that she might drown in it. The girl initially did not listen to passers-by, explaining her behavior by dropping her iPhone into the water and diving just to find it. The townspeople tried to reason with her, noting that the smartphone was not worth it. And, completely desperate for an unsuccessful search, or listening to the words of people, the girl agreed to be saved.

So, the men held out a cable to the Russian woman, alongwhich she successfully climbed. Eyewitnesses called rescuers and the police, but by the time the services arrived, the girl had already left. As for the drowned iPhone, the search for it was unsuccessful.

Source: Mash