Russians advised to refrain from traveling to China

A recommendation has appeared on the official website of Rospotrebnadzor, in which Russians are asked to abandon

planned trips to China. The main argument is the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus, which is being discussed at the highest levels around the world.

If the trip cannot be avoided, thenexperts advise avoiding visiting various markets, especially those on the shelves of which are products of animal origin and seafood. In addition, doctors do not recommend walking in zoos and other institutions and events in which animals take part. Another important piece of advice may be advice on refusing to use tap water - instead of this solution, it is better to give preference to bottled water.

Recall that a little earlier there were reports of an outbreak of a new coronavirus epidemic in China, as a result of which more than 500 people were infected, with about 25 of them already dead.