Russians wanted to register for public services from birth

Over the past 10 years, the Gosuslugi portal has become a significant part of the life of Russians. But one thing remained until the last

unchanged - registration on it was voluntary.

Now there is information on the web thatRussian authorities are considering the possibility of creating legal grounds for registration on the State Services portal from birth. In addition, registration can take place during the issuance of a passport or a full-time visit of a citizen to government agencies.

Our colleagues from CNews receivedfederal project "Digital Services and Online Services". As part of it, it is planned to ensure the optimization of interaction between citizens and businesses with authorities using digital services.

It is reported that for 2022 it is planned to conduct research on what regulatory legal acts should be changed in this area.

It should be noted that at the moment there is no exactinformation on how soon laws in Russia will be changed in such a way that citizens will indeed be registered for State Services from birth. There is also no 100% guarantee that this will ever happen. But movement in this direction has already begun.