Russians warned about the consequences of using voice-to-text services

Director of the Intellectual Reserve company Pavel Myasoedov told the Russians about the consequences

using voice-to-text services.

The specialist noted that the processing of voicemessages in such services are carried out not on the user's smartphone, but on the server of the company providing this service. In the same place, by the way, the data will be stored. To improve the service, the process of training the system is carried out, which, in turn, is able to access the records.

”It is more convenient to work with them than with traditionaltranslators, they are free or very inexpensive and, at first glance, may seem safer than a human service, because a person does not take part in the work. But there is a big mistake here, ”Myasoyedov shared.

According to the specialist, free foruser services always use an alternative earning system. These can also be hidden monetization tools, for example, integrated text analytics. In this way, the interests of users are identified, which are combined with their personal data and transferred to third parties.