Safe plastic turns into wax in 226 days

Polymateria startup created biodegradable plastic, the company said that their product is unique and the first in

world with such properties.

New plastic does not break down into the smallestparticles in the process of decomposition and for disposal, it does not need special equipment. The essence of the technology is that about a dozen chemicals are added to the plastic, including rubbers, oils and desiccants, which then break down the plastic polymers and turn the material into wax. In its natural environment, wax is completely digested by bacteria and fungi.

This plastic can be made into a thin cling film or glass for drinks. This glass decomposes in just 226 days and can also be reused.

We are targeting the type of plastic most likely to enter the natural environment, with a solution that does not require any biodegradation composting technology or capital expenditure.

Polymateria message

The company has already partnered with supplier to the world's largest small store chain, 7-Eleven, and has closed a $ 100 million deal with petrochemical giant Formosa Plastics.

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