Sales of smartphones through parallel imports begin in Russia

Two large Russian retailers at once confirmed the upcoming start of sales of electronics imported into

Russia under the parallel import procedure.Svyaznoy was the first to report this, which starts selling Samsung smartphones and watches, the latest generation of iPhone, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles (+100 new positions). A little later, OZON also announced the same, however, in its case, the list of goods is not indicated. It is reported that equipment imported under the parallel import scheme will be 10-20% more expensive, and not manufacturers, but retailers will pay for service and return money for defective goods (vendor service centers will continue to provide the service itself).

As for other Russian retailers,they are currently assessing the state of affairs in terms of the law and relations with manufacturers, some of them are still hoping for direct supplies from manufacturers who have left the market. A further sales and service mechanism will be established after the immediate start of sales. Then we will deal with the prices.

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