Samsung and Xiaomi benefit from Huawei problems and boost sales in Europe

Counterpoint Research has published a report on smartphone sales in the second quarter of 2019 in Central

and Eastern Europe.

Who's in the lead?

It seems that US sanctions have come back to haunt Huawei overseas: in Europe, all this has led to a decline in sales of the Chinese manufacturer. But Samsung and Xiaomi benefited from this and managed to increase sales.

So, in first place is Samsung, which has 40%market. Moreover, the lion's share (70%) of sales was taken by A-series smartphones. “Samsung became the main beneficiary of the decline in Huawei (and Honor) volumes, since it could offer a comparable range of smartphones and fill gaps in the portfolio with the help of its latest updates within the A-series,” — say Counterpoint Research analysts.

The most successful was the Samsung Galaxy A50.

In second place is Huawei, whose share is half that – 20%. This is minus 6% compared to the first quarter of this year.

In third place is Xiaomi with a share of 11% (in the first quarter it was 7%), followed by Apple with an unchanged 6% and Nokia (2%).

Overall, the total share of all Chinese manufacturers grew by 11% year on year.

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