Samsung began blocking gray TVs: what to do about it

In recent days, more and more complaints have begun to come from users that Samsung has begun to block

“Smart” features on their TVs.

What happened

In fact, the TV turns into a regularmonitor: you can watch video from a flash drive on it, but the Smart-TV functions are blocked. A message appears on the screen: “This TV is not fully functional in this region” (“The TV cannot fully function in this region”).

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Similar cases are reported by users from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova.

As it turned out, this is part of Samsung’s new policyto combat "gray" TVs - that is, devices imported from other countries. For example, in Ukraine often buy equipment from Poland - it’s cheaper.

“Similar information on TV screens indicatesthe fact that this TV was made for another region and may not meet the technical requirements of the region of actual location. Which excludes the manufacturer’s ability to guarantee the availability of all functions in the user's country of residence (actual use of the device). Information that the availability of functions depends on the region of delivery is indicated in the user manual. We recommend that you buy products only from authorized retailers in the region in order to be able to use all of the product’s features and manufacturer’s support, ”said Samsung Support.

The Ukrainian division of the company reports: “Televisions imported to Ukraine by Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company LLC are designed for distribution in Ukraine, and therefore, such models were localized by the manufacturer in accordance with the requirements of current technical standards and the specifics of providing certain services within the country. Such televisions comply with technical regulations and national standards. You can recognize the official models with the letters ** UA in the model code and the Ukrainian letters on the sticker on the back of the TV.

TVs designed for other countries andimported into Ukraine by other persons may not work correctly in Ukraine as a result of improper settings, or such factory settings that should be applied in other countries. Regarding the operation of televisions made for delivery and sale in countries other than Ukraine, we recommend that you contact the seller directly where such a device was purchased.

If the TV has the letters UA in the model code and Smart TV does not work in it, please contact the hotline 0800502000 »

What to do

There’s no point in asking Samsung for help,therefore, users themselves found a way out of this situation. One way is to use a VPN with the IP address of the country for which the TV was originally intended for sale.

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