Samsung brings the first fully frameless TV to CES 2020

According to informed sources, Samsung will present at CES 2020, which will be held from 7 to 10

January in Las Vegas, the first completely frameless TV.

What does it mean

There are already frameless TVs on the market, but this name is just a marketing ploy. The fact is that such models still have frames around the screen, even if they are very thin.

But the new Samsung TV has no framesat all. According to sources, this is the first company to decide on such an extreme design. The TV panel and the housing are tightly soldered; to implement this design, Samsung worked closely with Shinsegye Engineering and Taehwa Precision, suppliers of equipment and components.

True, the developers have concerns: they are afraid that such a TV will be too fragile, and the display will move away from the body.

So far there is little information about the TV.We only know that Samsung management has approved the start of mass production, and it will begin in February 2020. Models with a screen diagonal of 65 inches or more will be produced without frames. It is possible that they will be part of The Wall line.

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