Samsung has come up with a way to improve the security of the fingerprint scanner by 2,500,000,000 times

South Korean tech giant Samsung has found a new way to improve the security of its fingerprint scanner.

fingers, to put it mildly, by several orders of magnitude.

What is known

New technology concerns fingerprint scannersfingers integrated into the display area. Such sensors can only read one fingerprint at a time, but Samsung Display plans to develop a scanner that can recognize multiple fingerprints at once.

Appropriate technology should be created infor two years. It is expected to be based on a next-generation OLED 2.0 display solution. Samsung will start implementing the new development in 2025.

It is noted that the new scanner will be able to readthree fingerprints at the same time. This will increase the security of user authentication by 2.5 billion times. Another advantage of the technology will be that it will be possible to apply fingers to any point on the screen, and not to a certain part, as is the case now.