Samsung certified S-Pen stylus for Galaxy Note 10 Lite smartphone

Last month, the network reported that Samsung is preparing a simplified version of the phablet Galaxy

Note 10. Later, Galaxy Note 10 Lite appeared in the Geekbench base, and now the certification has passed the stylus for a smartphone.

What is known

S-Pen is certified by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which means that the Galaxy Note 10 Lite will definitely inherit the main feature of its older brother - stylus support.

Its dimensions are 5.80 × 4.35 × 105.18 mm, that is, in size it will be the same as the stylus for the Galaxy Note 10. But it is still unknown whether the functions will be the same.

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Recall for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 thoroughlypumped up the possibilities of the stylus: now the smartphone understands gesture control at a distance of 10 meters. That is, with ordinary swings, you can select photo modes, zoom in or out portraits, and adjust the camera.

But the Galaxy Note 10 Lite is unlikely to have the same stylus. Most likely, he will be left with basic functions - for example, camera control and music playback.

According to the latest information, Galaxy Note 10Lite will present along with the Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy A51 as early as next month. The exact date of the announcement is not yet available. By the way, in some countries, the device may come out like the Galaxy A81.

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