Samsung closes Linux on DeX project

At the end of last year, Samsung released the Linux on DeX application for smartphones and tablets, which

allows you to run the Ubuntu desktop operating system on them. Less than a year has passed and the company decided to close this project.

What happened

Samsung sent out to all testing participantsLinux on DeX letters in which it announced the termination of beta testing of the application. Devices running Android 10 will no longer support this software.

“Thank you for your support of Linux on DeX Beta.Unfortunately, we are announcing the end of the beta program and the discontinuation of its support in future OS releases. The ability to run Ubuntu will not be supported on Android 10 Beta,” Samsung representatives noted.

The company did not specify why the project was closed, but Linux on DeX was not particularly successful.

In any case, now Linux on DeX lovers (if there are any) will have to stay on Android Pie.