Samsung continues to fight leaks and has come up with new tactics. Will it work?

Samsung has seriously begun to fight leaks regarding its unannounced products. For example, the details

about smartphones Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 and other innovations of the recent presentation leaked long before August 11. Therefore, the company came up with a new strategy.

What does it mean?

So Samsung has developed a new agreement toconfidentiality for its manufacturing partners of semiconductors and other components. The new contracts are not intended for all partners, but mainly for those deeply involved in production. These are some Japanese companies and South Korean subsidiaries of international corporations. But this does not apply to manufacturers of factory equipment involved in production.

The new agreement adds only a fewpoints. First, it is a ban on new employees from working on the production of Samsung parts. Second, companies need to notify Samsung every time an employee leaves any of its partners and moves to a competitor within a year.

By the way, Samsung already has a rule that prohibits its employees from working for competitors. But this is the first company to extend this policy to its partners.

Violation of any of the two points threatensrather big fine - from 85 thousand dollars. Most of the companies in South Korea and Japan to which Samsung has offered the contract are reported to have agreed to sign it without issue.

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