Samsung explained why stripped Galaxy Note 10 3.5 mm headphone jack

Yesterday, Samsung introduced its new phablets of the Galaxy Note 10 family, and these are the first representatives of the line

without a 3.5 mm headphone jack.


Samsung spokesman explained to reporters, for the sake ofwhich the company got rid of the connector. The answer is predictable: all for the sake of increasing the autonomy of the smartphone. The larger the battery capacity - the larger the battery itself, but the gadget itself is not rubber. Therefore, in recent years, many manufacturers refuse to "extra" holes for the sake of a capacious battery and previous dimensions.

True, the Galaxy Note 10 autonomy is not impressive: 3500 mAh for the younger version and 4300 mAh. A 3.5 mm jack allowed to increase capacity by 100 mAh - that is, only 2-3%.

In addition, according to a Samsung spokesperson, the lack of a connector improved tactile feedback. Everyone seems to have "forgotten" about the huge nest for the stylus.

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And about the Galaxy Buds wireless headphones and the benefits to their sales from the lack of a jack, not a word ...

By the way, Galaxy Note 10 is not the first smartphone from the manufacturer that has lost its connector. Before him there were neflagmany Samsung W2018 and Galaxy A80.

Recall Apple abandoned the 3.5mm jack in2016, and since then, Samsung has repeatedly trolled a competitor about this. But after the release of Galaxy Note 10, the company deleted the 2017 commercial, where this "flaw" was just ridiculed.