Samsung finally said goodbye to the Galaxy J series

Samsung has officially confirmed the abandonment of the budget Galaxy J series in favor of Galaxy A smartphones.


The Malaysian division of the company releasedadvertising video for the new Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50, which talks about the main features of smartphones: an in-display fingerprint scanner, increased battery capacity, fast charging, a triple main camera and frameless Infinity displays.

But the title of the video says: Galaxy J is now Galaxy A. This means that the Galaxy J series has finally become the Galaxy A.

Let us remind you that previously the Galaxy J line includedbudget phones, which, although they were significantly cheaper than other Samsung smartphones, were still inferior in both price and characteristics to their competitors. Galaxy A devices, on the contrary, offer flagship features and advanced technologies at low prices.

The 2019 Galaxy A series already includes the Galaxy A10, A20, A30, A50 and A70. And on April 10, the Samsung Galaxy A90 with a rotating camera and the Galaxy A60 with a hole-punch screen should debut.