Samsung foldable smartphones break in the cold

South Korean users started complaining about Samsung foldable smartphones that they could not stand

test in winter.

What's wrong?

According to some users, flexible screenscan crack in the cold. As a result, the display shows bright spots, lines and dark areas, which are symptoms of a breakdown. At the same time, the owners of gadgets assure that the reason was precisely the cold and the use in the open air.

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Complaints come from owners of both the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Fold. But these are few reports and do not indicate a widespread problem.

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By the way, bloggers even froze last winterGalaxy Z Flip for 30 minutes without affecting its performance. But the "clamshell" Motorola Razr had similar problems in the cold, after which Motorola directly stated that the smartphone should not be used at temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius.

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