Samsung, following Apple, declared war on leaks and insiders

We recently wrote that Apple intends to sue the Concept Creator designer, who created a huge

number of renders of unannounced "apple"products, demanding to stop disclosing its trade secrets and disseminating information about new products. It seems that now Samsung has followed suit.

What does it mean?

Insider Max Jambor warned atTwitter that Samsung intends to fight leaks about its unannounced gadgets. For example, on August 11, a big summer presentation will take place, but there will be no intrigue, because renders, and official posters, videos, and details about new products have already been “leaked” to the network.

According to an insider, Samsung is trying to remove alreadyleaked information and renders, insisting on infringement of their copyrights. For example, a video showing the Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphone has already been removed in response to a copyright infringement lawsuit from Samsung. Other leaked images will disappear over the next few days, Jambore said.

At the same time, Samsung is targeting the initialthe sources of the leak, that is, the media, it seems, will not be touched. The company is considering various approaches to prevent future leaks, including prosecution.

Insiders reacted differently to this information. For example, the well-known leak finder Evan Blass (Evan Blass) said that he is ready to remove materials about future Samsung devices.

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