Samsung Galaxy A01: a review of the budget from a famous brand

The Korean manufacturer is not trying to cover all price categories in the smartphone market, simply because

it is often disadvantageous. Large companies pushed small brands into the segment of 10,000 rubles and below, thereby seriously increasing the competitiveness of the niche. And this state of affairs gradually transformed into a logical change in the structure of consumer properties of products. Budget companies began to give users much more than well-known large brands.

Yes, they don’t have much popularity, so theycompensate for this with the maximum capabilities of their products. The devices of this segment have everything that flagships can boast of. These are high-quality OLED screens, fingerprint scanners, NFC modules, cameras with multiple lenses and so on.

Entry Level Advanced Brand

Samsung has no one to compete in this segment,since the A01 smartphone was created for those who always choose one brand - that is, for their fans. Even if there is a smartphone of the same quality, but cheaper from another company, such a person will not buy it. At the same time, it is a mistake to think that there are few such people, since this is impractical. Yes, the buyer receives less than the not very well-known brand can offer for less money, but he does not need this, he needs a sonorous brand. And he gets it. So, what is the model A01?

Design, ergonomics

The device is quite simple and looks calm, whichand you need from a budget gadget - to work and not break. And A01 gives the user everything. The case is made of durable practical (non-marking) plastic, you can choose black classics or youthful blue with red.

The smartphone weighs only 149 grams, compact, inthe hand rests comfortably, the standard button layout, you don’t have to get used to it. The tray here is not combined, so you can immediately use a memory card and two SIM cards.


Screen Size 5.7 ”, the resolution of the PLS matrix is ​​1520x720, the density is excellent - more than three hundred ppi. There is an auto brightness control that works correctly. The screen is covered with third-generation Gorilla Glass, scratches will be collected slowly. The brightness margin for a sunny day outside is not particularly enough, the information fades, but you can still read.

Of course, this is not OLED, but for usersbudget smartphones, the screen of this device does not seem wretched. Good resolution, decent viewing angles, good color rendering. You should not expect anything more from the state employee. At the top of the screen is a drop-shaped cutout under the front camera.


The battery is not removable, its capacity is3000 mAh, which is quite acceptable for a state employee. If we take into account that the processor here is not too powerful and voracious, then this is very good, that is, for a couple of days the battery will definitely be enough for a standard use case. The continuous screen lasts more than four hours. If you use the smartphone actively, then on a working day it will be enough, anyway everybody puts their gadgets on charge every night.

Iron filling

The motor used here is Snapdragon439 from Qualcomm. This is the cheapest of all the cheapest chipsets. The chipset includes 8 cores and an integrated graphics accelerator Adreno 505. On board there are 2 gigabytes of RAM, a 16 gigabyte drive. The performance of such a bundle is quite enough for everyday tasks, the interface works quickly and smoothly. Of course, you can’t play heavy resource-intensive games here, but casual games and even decent middle-class shooters are going well.