Samsung Galaxy Fold found a new flaw

The Samsung Galaxy Fold foldable display phone was finally launched again some time ago after

several months delay.If you remember, immediately after launch, users found many shortcomings and shortcomings in the smartphone, which is why the Korean manufacturer was forced to delay sales. Samsung later corrected all the flaws in the design and launched it back to the masses. But now a new minus has been discovered…

Samsung Galaxy Fold has some kind of bad luck. One of the users began to complain about a new problem with the phone.

According to a Twitter user, Kurby’S, the lettersSamsung's logo on the case began to peel off. A and U have already fallen off, and the rest may soon follow them. These letters have a holographic effect, adding a twist to the visual appearance of the smartphone.

It is worth noting that this problem does not havevital to the functionality of the smartphone, but it is a smartphone worth $ 1,980. No user will want to pay such an amount of money, knowing that in the future such problems may be possible as a finish.