Samsung Galaxy Fold: you might not know about it!

It's still hard to believe that foldable phones, which we are used to seeing only as part of a concept,

have become a reality.The Samsung Galaxy Fold was only in the picture for a long time, but now this device is available and you can buy it to really appreciate the pinnacle of technological progress. Don't rush into purchasing. First, check out the top features of the foldable Galaxy Fold that you might not even know about.

Galaxy Fold Features

  • The presence of folds. Promo videos and images create the impression that there is no crease on the phone, but in fact it does exist. And quite noticeable, in the center of the screen. You can even touch it and feel it. However, it does not interfere with the typing, does not violate the overall impression from viewing the content. You quickly get used to it.
  • Very heavy.The Galaxy Fold is actually quite heavy. It feels like you have two smartphones in your hands at once. And you can’t put it in your pocket like that. For comparison, the weight of the Galaxy Fold is 263 g, Galaxy S10 + 175 g, iPhone XS Max 208 g, Pixel 3 XL 184 g, OnePlus 6T 185 g.
  • Open with one hand is almost impossible. But it should be noted that in the closed version of a rather snug fit, the phone opens 180 degrees with a characteristic click. The design looks pretty sturdy and reliable.
  • Since opening the Galaxy Fold requires twohands, chances are that your fingers may accidentally touch the fingerprint scanner on the side of the phone. The fingerprint scanner also functions as a Bixby button, which means that you are likely to hear about Bixby too often. The latest version of the Samsung One UI allows you to enter the settings and reassign the Bixby button, so that you can easily change it and configure it to launch the assistant by double pressing the button. This will help prevent accidental launch of Bixby.
  • Galaxy Fold has two batteries — one on each side, connected to each other by a hinge. The total capacity is 4,380 mAh. Replacing the battery is almost impossible.
  • The main screen is plastic, it is easier to scratch, but when folded it is protected from exposure. However, he is from the same series Super AMOLED, a diagonal of 7.3 inches. Excellent contrast, bright colors.
  • The front screen is very narrow, its convenientuse only for receiving calls, for example, but theoretically you can do everything. And it's better to use the main screen. But around him a huge frame, in the future, the manufacturer will probably improve this nuance.
  • On the main screen is quite a large cutout intop of the display. This is the second annoying feature after bending in the center. But the cut-out is technically necessary, as there are dual front-facing camera sensors.
  • The set provides a free protective case for a smartphone, given that there are not so many options on the market.
  • The smartphone does not have a 3.5 mm headphone jack.
  • You can start doing something on the littlescreen, and then open the phone and continue from the same place on the main display. The function works initially only with Samsung and Google applications.
  • The Galaxy Fold comes in four colors: Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green and Astro Blue. The last two change their color due to reflection.
  • Repair of new items is a rather complicated process. It's easier to replace the phone with a new one.

Despite the nuances and negative aspects described above, the Galaxy Fold is still an exciting smartphone, but its price tag of $ 2,000 is simply insane.