Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may be in short supply due to South Korea’s trade war with Japan

On August 7, Samsung will present the new Galaxy Note 10, and sales of phablets should start in a couple of weeks

after the official announcement. However, there have been some problems with the production of phablets, all due to the trade war between South Korea and Japan.

Because of what they fight

Against the backdrop of the war between the United States and China, relations between South Korea and Japan have faded into the background, although an equally interesting story is unfolding there.

And it all started in the last century.From 1910 to 1945, South Korea was a colony of Japan. At that time, Japanese companies used Koreans as labor, men were taken to fight for Japan, and women were even used as sex slaves for the military. Since then, South Korea has harbored a grudge against Japan.

In addition, disagreements arose on the territorial issue. Koreans do not agree with the name of the Sea of ​​Japan, and the Japanese are unhappy that the Liancourt Islands in this very sea are ruled by Koreans.

Some analysts also believe that Japanis trying to regain its former glory, because 20 years ago it had a strong position on the world economic arena. Just remember the past success of Sony and the current popularity of South Korean Samsung.

Japanese sanctions

As a result, the Japanese government imposedrestrictions on the supply of rare materials to Korea, including highly purified hydrogen fluoride, which are used in the production of electronics. As a result, LG, Samsung, SK Hynix and other manufacturers will suffer.

In turn, the Korean government warned of retaliatory actions if Japan does not change its mind.

What about Samsung?

It seems that the South Korean giant is already feeling theconsequences of dislike between two countries. The Investor, citing a company representative, writes that Samsung had to reduce by 10% the production of Exynos processors that will be used in the Galaxy Note 10 smartphones (according to leaks, this is Exynos 9825). And all because of the lack of chemicals from the list.

This 10% is expected to be made up next month.but whether Japan and Korea will then reach an agreement and whether supplies will resume is still unknown. Other sources claim that Samsung's material reserves will only last for a month.

At the same time, the vice chairman of Samsung Electronics demanded that the company's divisions prepare insurance plans in case the trade war between Japan and South Korea drags on.