Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will receive a new processor Exynos 9825. It will also be released on August 7

It so happened that every year, Samsung releases the flagship S series, and about six months later - the new Galaxy Note

with the same figure. And both models always get the same processors. However, this year the manufacturer seems to have decided to break the tradition.

New chip

The network has long been rumored that the Galaxy Note 10 will get the Exynos 9825 processor, and not the Exynos 9820, like the Galaxy S10. Recently, the chip even tested Geekbench: he scored 4495 and 10223 points.

And now Samsung itself has confirmed the release of a new chip using a commercial. There is no specifics in it, only the phrases “developed”, “next level” and “intelligent processor”.

There will be no separate event for the Exynos 9825: it will debut with the Galaxy Note 10 on August 7th.