Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with a vertical camera in a new design

Not all long-awaited new items have been announced. The mobile community is more interested than ever in the new

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 that will getupdated design and a lot of improvements. His exit is scheduled for the summer. The abundance of rumors creates some controversy around the smartphone. At first there was information about a qualitatively new design, now everyone agreed that the manufacturer will bring the past model to the mind. Right now we can look at a possible version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Several renders have already appeared on the web from a foreign resource.


New in the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 we waitdefinitely not worth it. The company will focus on refining the already stunning design, as well as complement its incredible characteristics. The new phablet will get a huge screen that occupies the entire front part. The front camera will be integrated under the display: a round hole will be in the upper part of the display in the center. It should be noted that opinions on the location of the front camera on the web differ. Some say it will be biased, but the recent publication of @OnLeaks seems to confirm the previous statement by @UniverseIce that the Galaxy Note 10 selfie camera will, in fact, be centered.

Now about the main camera, which will bebe on the back. According to the latest rumors, it can be placed vertically on the Galaxy Note 10, and not horizontally. If this is true, then most likely the camera module will be shifted to one side. Because a centered vertical module will take up too much precious space inside the device, which is more sensible to spend, for example, on a battery.

If the location of the rear camera remainshorizontal, we expect something in the spirit of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + 5G. Of course, just coming up with a design is one thing, and tying it to the insides of a complex device is another story. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the manufacturer will have to find a place for four lenses, a flash and a heart rate sensor, while still leaving as much space as possible for the massive battery inside and not making the rear view of the phone too ugly.

And Galaxy Note 8, and Galaxy Note 9 was originallyAvailable in four colors. Galaxy Note 10 this year will receive 5 variants of the case. A new color can be red, which, unfortunately, can only be available in some countries. According to recent leaks, there may also be variants of gradient blue and silver, but we still don’t know anything about them.

Published renders are based solely on leaks.