Samsung Galaxy S10 + fought off the iPhone Xs Max in a drop test (spoiler: and lost)

The guys from PhoneBuff decided to test the strength of the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10+ in a drop test. And so that it was, with what

to compare, they put the iPhone XS Max as its rival.

Who is stronger

Smartphones were chosen as a pair not only based on power,“filling” and cost, and also “armor”. The Samsung flagship is protected on both sides by Gorilla Glass 6, which, according to the manufacturer, is many times stronger than the 5th generation Gorilla Glass. The iPhone Xs Max, of course, also has protective glass, but Apple did not specify which one. Company representatives only immodestly noted that this is the strongest and most durable glass.

In the first round of the test, the iPhone Xs Max won. After falling from a small height onto the back panel, it was left with several cracks, but the Galaxy S10+ had whole cobwebs.

In the second round, smartphones were thrown from a small height to an angle. Both did a decent job: only minor scratches and abrasions appeared on the cases.

When dropped face down, both displays shattered, but the Galaxy S10+ suffered more damage. It continued to work, but the under-screen fingerprint scanner was already acting up.

And finally, in the final round, the flagships threw until their “last breath.” The iPhone Xs Max “died” after the third fall, but the Samsung Galaxy S10+ was in working order even after 10 falls.

Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is not as strong as the iPhone Xs Max, but it is more durable. And it’s better to take care of the under-screen scanner.


As a result, PhoneBuff assigned the flagshipSamsung has 34 points out of 40 possible, and iPhone has 36. In the overall rating, these are 10th and 8th places, respectively. By the way, the top three most durable smartphones are the iPhone 8, Galaxy S9+ and iPhone X.