Samsung Galaxy S10 ultrasound scanner was able to fool, but it's not easy

Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S10 uses sub-screen fingerprint scanners, but not optical,

and ultrasound. According to the manufacturer, they are faster and safer. However, one of the users still managed to fool the sensor.

How did he do it

The owner of the Galaxy S10 sweated a lot beforecrank up your scheme. First, he photographed his fingerprint on the glass, and then processed the resulting image in Photoshop and 3DS Max. He printed the resulting model on the AnyCubic Photon LCD printer. After two failed attempts, the smartphone recognized the fingerprint and unlocked.

The user filmed all his actions on video.

Of course, in life, hardly anyone will be sobothering to unlock someone else's smartphone - this is not the plot of the movie "Mission Impossible". However, such an experiment showed that the ultrasound scanner is not perfect and is not 100% safe.

However, it is still far to the Face ID technology. Recall Apple smartphones "hacked" twins, and even using a conventional mask.