Samsung Galaxy S10 + vs iPhone XS Max: speed test

Last week, Samsung presented the new Galaxy S10 flagship series. Like the iPhone XS line, S10 smartphones work on

Snapdragon 855 7nm processor and 8nm Exynos 9820. Thanks to them, smartphones are real monsters. But can they compare with Apple's 712m A12 Bionic processor?

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This time, Samsung has also improved the system software of smartphones. The One UI theme, which is part of Android 9.0 Pie, has become more convenient and productive.

iOS 12 contained similar changes for the iPhone XS. So which smartphone is faster?

According to the speed test, Galaxy S10 +surprisingly fast when it comes to downloading apps. The smartphone downloads powerful apps and games faster than the iPhone XS Max. In some cases, the difference was huge, and in others - only 2-3 seconds.

The Galaxy S10 + 8 GB of RAM, and the iPhoneXS Max - only 4 GB. Additional gigabytes help the Galaxy S10 + to show the best results in terms of multitasking, but the iPhone XS Max also managed with dignity. However, if you are a multi-tasking fan, you will enjoy the Galaxy S10 + more.