Samsung Galaxy S11 will receive a special video mode

The new flagship Samsung Galaxy S11 will appear next year — probably in February 2020. There were many rumors and

speculations regarding the Galaxy S11 line.According to the latest information, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will come with a professional video mode. This feature will allow users to manually control exposure, shutter, color and ISO of video. There will also be support for 4 types of Live Focus filters.

Video mode on the Galaxy S11

According to reports on the Internet, Samsung GalaxyThe S11 will support 8K video recording. The Exynos 990 processor and Snapdragon 865 from Qualcomm support 8K video recording, as you know, some versions of the new product will work on one chip, some on another — depending on the market.

As for cameras, the new smartphone will be equipped108 megapixel main camera. In addition, the Galaxy S11 will be codenamed “Hubble.” One reason for this is that it supports 5x optical zoom, and the zoom camera also supports optical image stabilization (OIS).

It is worth noting that at first manufacturers chasedfor large frameless designs. Now the race for the best camera is actively developing. It seems that Samsung wants to be a leader again. Will the company be able to surprise its customers with a powerful camera?