Samsung Galaxy S11e will get the same fast charge as the Galaxy Note 10

The network has new details about the youngest representative of the future flagship Galaxy S11 family - Samsung

Galaxy S11e.

What is known

The smartphone has been certified in China, thanks to which its charging power has become known. This is a device with the number SM-G9810 - this is the 5G version of the Galaxy S11e.

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So, the kit will go charging 25Tue By the way, the Galaxy Note 10 had the same device, but representatives of the Galaxy S10 family initially had only 15-watt charging. True, then the power was “accelerated” to 25 watts by means of an update.

Most likely, the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11 + will also support 25-watt charging. And to the latter, it will probably be possible to buy 45W charging, as is the case with the Galaxy Note 10+.

Recall, the Galaxy S11e will be pleased with its autonomy: the battery capacity will be at least 3800 mAh.

Also, the smartphone is credited with a round neckline fora front camera, a triple main camera in the form of a rectangular block, a sub-screen fingerprint scanner, a new Exynos or Qualcomm processor (depending on the region) paired with 6 GB of RAM and 64/128 GB of ROM. Galaxy S11e is due to debut in February along with other flagships of the family.

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