Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: how fast does it charge?

As you know, the new premium model of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with a fast charger in

kit. However, it’s interesting, but how quickly you can charge the flagship's giant-capacity battery.

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has a battery5000 mAh capacity. Bloggers from one foreign resource decided to measure the charging speed of the Galaxy S20 Ultra using the adapter in the box. And they remained amazed at the speed.

Fast charge 25 W and 45 W

The adapter you get with Ultra,is a 25W fast charger that uses the USB-C connection on the adapter, so you also have a USB-C to USB-C cable. Finally, there is a future in which you do not need to resort to the old USB-A standard.

So how fast does Ultra charge?

Galaxy S20 Ultra charging speed (using the included 25-watt adapter):

  • after 15 minutes: 32%
  • after 30 minutes: 62%
  • after 45 minutes: 89%
  • after 59 minutes: fully charged (100%)!

A full charge takes less than an hour, which is truly an impressive result considering the giant 5000 mAh battery inside the Ultra.

Using the supplied adapterIt will definitely allow you to charge the phone fast enough for most people, but you should be aware that you can get even faster charging speeds on the S20 Ultra if you buy the Samsung separately sold 45W wall charger. This adapter is noticeably larger and so powerful that it comes with a special, thicker cable that you must use to get these super-fast speeds! Bloggers checked him. And here is a comparison of the charging speed of the S20 Ultra 25 W with 45 W:

Galaxy S20 maximum charging speed (using a 45-watt Samsung charger):

  • after 15 minutes: 37%
  • after 30 minutes: 70%
  • after 45 minutes: 92%
  • after 59 minutes: fully charged (100%)!

The 45-watt fast charger pushes forward from the start: it charges 37% in just 15 minutes, while a 25-watt charger only gets 32% in the same time.

30 minutes after the start of the test, the differenceincreases and you get 70% with a 45-watt charger, compared to 62% with a 25-watt charger. Speeds slow down toward the end of the test, and the difference between the two chargers becomes negligible at this point. And interestingly enough, it takes the same time to fully charge the phone.

Therefore, if you are looking for the fastest speedcharging, you should consider buying a 45-watt Samsung fast charger for $ 50, but you will notice the difference only in the first moments of the test, and this is not a big difference anyway.