Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e tablets have Wi-Fi problems: what to do about it

In mid-February, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab S5e tablet with a good “stuffing”, slim body (only

5.5 mm), capacious battery and a price tag of $ 400. And now from the owners of this model began to receive complaints.

What's wrong

The fact is that sometimes the tablet begins to "lose" the signal level of Wi-Fi. For someone, the signal disappears altogether, for someone, it just goes down.

And the problem occurs only when the user holds the tablet horizontally with two hands, and the front camera is located on the left.

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As it turned out, the antenna and the Wi-Fi signal receiver are located in this area (to the left of the camera). If you hold the device in this way - they are closed by hand and the signal level drops.

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What to do

Samsung has not responded to thissituation, but some users who complained about problems in service centers, changed the old tablet to a new one. True, the new devices have the same problem, because the location of the antenna and the receiver has not changed.

Therefore, the only way out is to keep the tablet vertically or horizontally, but so that the camera is located on the right and the hand does not interfere with communication with space.