Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be the lightest folding: comparison

Samsung is finalizing a new generation of foldable Galaxy Z devices. One of the most important updates

there will be changes in the design that meetsdirectly behind the folding format. The advantage of these transformations promises to be a new word in terms of ergonomics. And today, UniverseIce has added another important detail to this - information about weight. According to its data, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will weigh just 254g, which is 17g less than its predecessor and much less than competitors' foldable devices. This should affect the scenario of using a smartphone with one hand and the convenience of working with an external screen. Below is the data for all key foldable devices (only Huawei is close). Fold 4 is expected to be presented in the summer. There is no information about price dynamics yet.

Thickness and weight
Galaxy fold 6.9/15.7-17.1mm
276 g
Galaxy Z Fold 2 6.9/13.8-16.8mm
282 g
Galaxy Z Fold 3 6.4/14.4-16mm
271 g
Galaxy Z Fold 4 7.1 mm*
254 g*</ p>


Vivo X Fold 7.4/14.91mm
311 g
Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 7.62/17.2mm
317 g (glass)
332 g (ceramic)
OPPO Find N 7.95/15.9mm
275 g
Huawei Mate Xs 2 5.4/11.1mm
255 g

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    According to UniverseIce