Samsung goes to CES 2020 with the mysterious new product NEON

Samsung will take part in CES 2020. Moreover, the manufacturer will not come to Las Vegas empty-handed,

and with the mysterious new product NEON.

What is it?

This is the result of the work of an independent divisionSamsung Electronics - STAR Labs (Samsung Technology & Advanced Research Labs). What kind of product or technology this is is still unknown, but NEON already has pages on social networks.

Also mentioned is artificial intelligence, which in terms of its capabilities has almost caught up with the human brain.

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The NEON page clarifies that it is not a replacement for the Bixby voice assistant, although that was one of the assumptions. Most likely, they will complement each other rather than compete.

“It’s an honor to have this kind of coverage even before we unveil NEON. But contrary to some news, NEON is not about Bixby or anything you've seen before,” the developers assure.

Let us remind you that CES will be held from January 7 to January 10 in Las Vegas. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite smartphones may also debut at the exhibition.

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