Samsung has developed “artificial people” to replace teachers, TV presenters and actors

A few days ago, Samsung intrigued the public with a preliminary announcement of a new technology that

already managed to christen artificial replacementreal people of various professions. Now the company made a full presentation of the latest development, talking about who and why can start using Neon - this is the name of the new project of the South Korean giant.

Samsung makes a separate emphasis on the fact that Neon- This is not just a voice assistant or assistant, but a completely new word in the world of technology, which is a video chat with a computer person. At the same time, this person behaves and speaks as realistically as possible, which in the future should allow him to replace representatives of such professions as a yoga instructor, television presenters, representatives of the press, film actors and so on. At the same time, according to the Korean tech giant, the company hopes that major players will decide to license Neon for their own needs.

”Over time, Neons will work as TV presenters,speakers or movie actors. Or they may just be your good friends. We plan to make Neon accessible to both business partners and consumers around the world. It's too early to comment on the Neon business model or pricing, but we plan to launch the Neon beta in the real world with selected partners later this year, ”Samsung said in an official statement.