Samsung has reduced the price of the flagship Galaxy S10

Samsung after the release of the Galaxy Note 10 line decided to lower prices for the February flagship Galaxy S10.

How much

True, while only smartphones have fallen in priceSamsung's official store in the United States, but also unlocked (that is, not tied to a specific operator). You can buy at a discount Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + with the maximum amount of memory.

So, Galaxy S10 with 512 GB of memory is now on$ 200 cheaper: $ 950 instead of $ 1150. The Galaxy S10 + with the same amount of memory has fallen in price by $ 200: now they are asking for $ 1,050 for it. But the version with 1 TB of memory is given away at $ 300 cheaper - for $ 1300.

As a result, the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + with 512 GB discount are only $ 50 more expensive than versions with less memory.

But the cost of the Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy S10e remained the same.

How long the new prices will operate and whether the price tags will decrease in other countries is still unknown.