Samsung has released a limited version of the Galaxy S10 + in honor of the Olympic Games - only 10 thousand copies

In the summer of 2020, the Summer Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo. Samsung, which has for many years

is one of the main sponsors of the Olympics, decided not to wait a whole year and has already released a special version of its flagship - Galaxy S10+ Olympic Games Edition.

What is the difference

This is the same “ten” in Prism White color, but with the Olympic Games logo on the back panel. The special version will also receive themed wallpapers, applications, themes, etc.

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The set includes Galaxy Buds wireless headphones - in white and also with the emblem of the Olympic Games.

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When and how much

Galaxy S10+ Olympic Games Edition smartphonesavailable exclusively for the Japanese operator DOCOMO. Their quantity is limited - only 10 thousand copies. But this version costs the same as the regular one - $1000. Sales will start in July.