Samsung has released the second beta version of Android 10 for smartphones Galaxy S10, Galxy S10 + and Galaxy S10e

Samsung developers three weeks after the announcement of the beta version of Android 10 for the flagship Galaxy S10, released the second

test assembly of the system.

What is known

The update has already begun to receive memberstesting in Germany, South Korea and the USA. The firmware weighs more than 600 MB and came out with the numbers G97 * FXXU3ZSJF, G97 * USQU2ZSJF and G97 * NKSU3ZSJF, respectively. In it, the developers of the company worked on the bugs.

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For example, fixed a problem with the scannerthe fingerprint that the user discovered when he pasted on his device a cheap protective film. Because of this, even some banks have disabled access to their applications by fingerprint on smartphones. Other changes to the firmware include improved performance for the shell, battery, camera, as well as the gallery and download manager.