Samsung has solved the problem of folding Galaxy Fold and is ready to start selling

While everyone has already begun to doubt that the Galaxy Fold folding smartphone will go on sale, the Samsung team

worked tirelessly. As a result, the company claims that all problems with the device have already been resolved.

What corrected

Let us remind you that sales were supposed to begin on April 26,but Samsung delayed them due to problems with the displays. In the test samples that were sent to journalists, they began to fail within the first days of use. Therefore, the manufacturer recalled all devices.

But now the head of the mobile division is Dong-JinKoh (D. J. Koh) says that all the problems have been fixed. According to sources, the developers have reduced the gap between the screen and the body, where dust and debris could get in, and made the hinges and hinges more durable.


Koch assures that the company is ready to announce a new sales start date any day now. When asked by journalists whether smartphones would go on sale before the end of May, he assured that Samsung “will not hesitate.”

It seems that no one will cancel pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold either, although Samsung recently began sending out notifications to customers about the possible cancellation of their orders.