Samsung has up to 50 million smartphones in its warehouses that the company cannot sell

Samsung is at risk of missing its smartphone sales target in 2022. More than 18% of models are in warehouses.

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The South Korean company has planned for 2022sell approximately 270 million devices. Typically, manufacturers in warehouses have up to 10% of the total volume, but Samsung immediately has 18% of smartphones (almost 50 million pieces).

There are several reasons for this.First, the Galaxy A series does not fare well against competitors in China, where Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo models are selling well. It accounts for most of the 50 million unsold devices. Secondly, the war between Russia and Ukraine has hit supplies in Europe. Thirdly, Samsung has ceased to officially sell smartphones in Russia.

From January to April inclusivesold an average of 20 million smartphones monthly. However, in May, the volume decreased by half. Samsung also had to cut component purchases by 70% in May compared to April.

Source: GSMArena

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