Samsung may copy Apple and Huawei's new chip in the Galaxy S23

As the leader of the Android market, Samsung cannot afford to fall behind the competition when it comes to innovation. To

For example, rumors about the intention toKoreans to equip the upcoming Galaxy S23 flagships with satellite communications support, which the iPhone 14 and Huawei Mate 50 received this fall. The global satellite operator Iridium Communications, based in the United States, will allegedly become a partner in the implementation of the technology.

Samsung is reportedly discussing the use66 low-orbit communication satellites, which allows not only to send emergency messages, as implemented by Apple, but also text messages and even low-resolution images. At the same time, the Koreans have already overcome all the technical obstacles to introducing a new modem-radio frequency system capable of working with satellites into smartphones, and the only question remains the approach to promoting the system: will Samsung decide to make it free or, like Apple, offer to subscribe.

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