Samsung mid-range smartphones on Snapdragon and Exynos processors compared in speed

The host of the TechReason YouTube channel found out on which processor a mid-range Samsung smartphone is better to take: Exynos 1280 or

Snapdragon 778G. Discuss

As part of one of the releases on the TechReason channelon YouTube, the expert found out which Samsung smartphone launches and loads apps, games faster: A53 5G with Exynos 1280 (8 GB RAM) or A52s 5G with Snapdragon 778G (8 GB RAM).

The first was a device startup speed test.A52s 5G turned out to be faster. Both devices have a 6.5-inch screen with Full HD + resolution and a Super AMOLED matrix. The refresh rate of the display in both cases is 120 Hz.

As for launching applications, "Settings"downloaded a little faster than the A52s 5G. At the same time, for example, Spotify, Amazon launched faster already on A53 5G. At the same time, some applications run equally quickly on both smartphones.

Of the games, PUBG and Temple Run 2 loaded faster on the A52s 5G with the Snapdragon 778G processor. The difference, however, in download speed is only 2-3 seconds.


Test results showed that SamsungGalaxy A52s 5G and A53 5G load system apps at about the same speed. But the games are mostly run a little faster by the A52s 5G (Snapdragon 778G), and it works more stably. But when using several applications at once, the A53 5G does a better job.