Samsung offers to exchange an Apple or Google smartphone for Galaxy Note 10 with a discount of up to $ 600

Samsung has already opened a preliminary reservation on the new Galaxy Note 10 phablet, and with the purchase you can

save up to $ 600.

How to order

First of all, we clarify that for now this is onlyreservations, not pre-orders or even sales. The premiere will be held on August 7, on the same day will begin receiving pre-orders. The company promises that smartphones will begin to send by August 23.

In the meantime, a new model can simply be reserved on the Samsung website. Neither detailed specifications nor price are reported.

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How to save

Users will be able to save on buying Galaxy Note 10 by exchanging their old smartphone for it. But this only applies to Samsung, Apple and Google devices. Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, etc. are not listed.

So, a discount of $ 600 will be given for Samsung’s flagships,starting with Galaxy Note 9, all Apple phones, starting with iPhone X, and Google Pixel 3 series. For Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 + or Galaxy Note 8 you can get up to $ 300, Galaxy S7 - $ 200, iPhone 6s Duo - $ 250, Google Pixel - also $ 200.

Of course, this amount depends on the state of the smartphone.