Samsung patents new Galaxy Buds headphones with waterproof design

Samsung seems to have seen something interesting in the concept of headphones that allow you to shower or

swim in the pool without looking up from your belovedmusic or podcasts. According to LetGoDigital, the South Korean tech giant has patented a new waterproof design for its Galaxy Buds TWS headphones that will allow them to be used underwater.

What's in the patent

The patent describes and demonstrates a cervicalstrap that connects two true wireless earbuds. The headphones themselves have multiple built-in microphones, sensors, and a two-way speaker. Like the Galaxy Buds Plus, it also has touch controls.

Interesting lies in the aforementioned cervicalthe strap, which is presented in the form of a hollow flexible tube and turns ordinary headphones into waterproof ones. The best part about this design is that it allows you to maintain a wireless connection. In other words, it opens up the ability to take real-time measurements such as calories, impulse, speed and more.

What is it for

It is not entirely clear which target audience isexpects Samsung. If we are talking about ordinary users of Galaxy Buds, then the number of regular users of the pool is probably significantly lower than those who do not. Shampooing your hair in the shower without removing your headphones seems like a strange idea. And if we talk about the training of professional swimmers, then a smartwatch looks like a more attractive idea than an element dangling around the neck during a swim.

In short, there are more questions than answers. On the other hand, the% of patents implemented in real devices is most likely far from 100.

Source: republicworld

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