Samsung "repaired" the Galaxy S10 scanners and promises a special night mode

Samsung has released a small update for the flagship Galaxy S10 and S10 +, improving with it

subscreen fingerprint scanner. And in the near future they promise an update with a special night shooting mode. But first things first.

Scanner "updated"

Previously, the owners of the new "dozen" complainedthe fact that ultrasound scanners do not work as fast as we would like, and sometimes they don’t recognize a finger at all. Often problems arose on smartphones with protective films, and branded, although the manufacturer had previously assured that they would not affect the operation of the sensor.

According to users, after updating, scanners began to work much faster and react to pressing instantly.

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The update weighs only 6.9 MB, but so far only available in Germany and Poland. In the near future, residents of other countries will receive it.

What's in the plans

Ice Universe insider says that Samsung will soon release another update that will add a special night mode to the camera, as well as updated algorithms for shooting.

Looks like the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + cameras decided“Pull up” to the level of Google and Huawei. Now the “dozen” has the Bright Night mode, but it works automatically (that is, the user cannot turn it on manually) and is not so good.

Update is expected in April or May.