Samsung requires LG to sell not only iPhones, but also Galaxy smartphones in its stores

According to a report from South Korea, Samsung is offended by LG for its intention to sell Apple smartphones in its



Recall that after the closure of the mobile unitLG intends to sell Apple products in its stores in South Korea. If initially it was about the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch (but not the Mac, since LG did not want to compete for its computers), now the plans have changed, and negotiations are underway only on iPhone sales. Supposedly, the deal between LG and Apple is set for August 1st.

But Samsung is upset with this decision and is surethat the move would violate an agreement signed by Samsung and LG in 2018. It states that only LG phones can be sold in LG stores, and similarly, only Samsung phones can be sold in Samsung stores. This agreement was intended to protect small and medium-sized stores from the two giants.

However, LG points out a clause in the agreement thatwhich states that it can be revised in the event of a significant change. And the closure of the mobile unit is a significant change. The association that initiated the agreement also questions LG's decision, but the official agreed that, given the circumstances, renegotiation should be carried out.

As a result, Samsung requires LG to sellin their stores also her smartphones. The company fears that the arrival of the iPhone in more than 400 LG stores across Korea will jeopardize the market share of its 5G smartphones. Apple is the largest 5G phone maker in the world, Samsung is in fourth place, although it is growing the fastest.

Samsung is trying to indirectly pressure LG by asking three major Korean carriers (including LG U +) to demand that LG also sell Galaxy phones in Best Shop stores.

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