Samsung screwed up again with Galaxy Note 10

Friends, continuing the topic about the new Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+, which were released a few days ago, I would like to

note several manufacturer errors thatwere admitted after the official announcement. It's hard to believe, but «Korean» screwed up several times by spreading incorrect information about the flagships. Now let's talk about this in detail.

According to tradition, after the official presentation of new productsSamsung has released a review video on smartphones and added info to the product’s website with a detailed description and photo. So, in an official video at the very beginning, a voice-over suggests that the company combined stainless steel and glass, although in fact the Galaxy Note 10 line uses aluminum rather than stainless steel.

The foreign publication The Verge contacted the manufacturer for clarification, to which Samsung reported that it had indeed made a mistake. How so?

The same error was also recorded onthe official website of the tech giant. First, Samsung indicated in the description that high-quality stainless steel is used. The company later changed the phrase to «high-quality metal». This is the second mistake!

And in the new published version of the promotional videonow also fixed the bug. Fortunately, for future users, reality turned out to be better, because aluminum is not scratched as easily as stainless steel.

There is another third failure.This applies to photographs published on the site. Tipster Ice Universe discovered that the photo published on the site does not show exactly the same cables that come with the Galaxy Note 10. For some reason, instead of a USB-C cable — The USB-C that comes in the box, the photo shows the cable that is not included with the phone.

By the way, after Samsung decidedto abandon the 3.5 mm headphone jack in the new Galaxy Note 10 line, she removed from her official page on all social networks promotional materials against Apple’s iPhone, including the video where Samsung ridiculed iPhone owners for they were left without a headphone jack.

We only have one question:How could Samsung get so wrong in a video that had already been viewed over 3 million times at that point. Plus a repeat of the error on the official website. It is possible that the company once intended to use stainless steel when developing the Note 10. After all, this is the material Apple uses for the frames of the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max (the iPhone XR uses aluminum). Or there is some other meaning hidden here.